What is Organic?

Us Aquaponics embraces the "Know Your Farmer", "Know Your Food" concept.  The USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) has an organic specification called "Certified Organic".  This specification was written for dirt farming and aquaponics is a completely different process.  USDA uses third party certifiers for their Certified Organic certifications.  Some of these third party certifiers will certify aquaponics as certified Organic. 

In reality, a properly run aquaponics system is far more "organic" than the USDA's Certified Organic specifications.  It has to be, or the fish would die.  We rely on healthy fish to make our system work.  We are investigating whether to go to the expense of getting the USDA Certified Organic certification.  Either way you can rest assured all our produce are organic and all of our processes are as good as or better than, the requirements set forth by the USDA.  We stand behind everything we sell.