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New 4' by 8' Grow Beds

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We designed these from the ground up as aquaponics grow beds.  They are made of food safe recycled polyethylene plastic.  The inside measurement is just over 4'x8' so you can float 4 - 2 ft. x 4 ft. styrofom rafts inside on 12 inches of water.   They work well for hard media as well in flood and drain aquaponics.  Of course they also are great for hydroponics, water or feed troughs, storage, food packing and more.

The plastic is approximately 1/4 inch thick and the grow bed / trough empty weighs almost 80 lbs.

Notice the top edge / lip is smooth - gentle on your hands and arms.




There are additional discounts when purchasing in quantities of 4, 10, 25, 50, and 100.  If you are a legitimate business and would like to resell these grow beds, contact us via the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.

PLEASE NOTE:  This grow bed with 12 inches of water weighs over 2000 lbs.  It must be properly supported, or injury or damage can result. 


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